MyTalk was created for my son, Michael. He was born with Nager Syndrome, a rare condition that affects hearing, speech and other faculties. 

We tried several Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools, but we were never satisfied. They were impractical, complex and easily-damaged. We struggled to personalize the content. It was hard for Michael to express needs and feelings, much less his true personality.

If our family struggled to understand him, for others it was impossible. When he would meet someone, the AAC device drew negative attention. The very tool that was supposed to connect him to the world was helping to isolate him.
When the iPhone came along we saw a smart, affordable solution. With speech and language pathologists’ help, we created MyTalk. We made programming easy and the content personal. The iPhone was familiar and fashionable. The design eliminated the stigma of traditional AAC devices. MyTalk brought Michael closer to the outside world.

We have come a long way. Now Michael can express his emotions. He can order for himself at his favorite restaurants. We make consistent strides. We communicate better, and we have alleviated a lot of frustration. MyTalk reflects Michael’s interests. He stays engaged because the content is always relevant.

I sincerely hope that you benefit from MyTalk. We made it easy to trial, so you can see its benefits. We are working to build a community to pool knowledge and share breakthroughs, but we all know that the real reward comes from watching loved ones succeed—moments that lead to deeper relationships and a true appreciation of life.

-Bick Pratt


Giving a voice to the voiceless.

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