MyTalk Tools for ALS and Parkinson's Disease

MyTalkTools Mobile and Workspace are a set of communication tools for use by family's and family members with ALS and Parkinson's.  Our tools allow for communication that is completely customizable helping users to communicate with pictures, sounds and videos.  MyTalk allows you to use your personal pictures and voices to express messages, needs and desires.  MyTalk is easy to program for family members and easy to use for your loved ones who need assistance communicating.  

Revolutionary voice message banking

For end users who are dealing with the eventual loss of their voice, but still currently able to speak, we offer the ability to bank messages in your voice.  If your message involves a daily routine like 'please pass the pepper' who cares if the sound is a digital voice.  But if your message is a personal message, unique to you or your loved ones, say it in your voice to be used when your voice is no longer as easily available to you.  Using your voice allows for tone and inflection, making it a vivid message that rings out the way you want to be heard.  While you are creating those messages, we store them on our site for safekeeping in addition to being on your device.  

Download and try it for free

MyTalk offers many options, but we want to be sure that MyTalk is right for you and your family.  Download MyTalkTools Mobile Lite from the App Store or Google Play Store.  Use the links in the right column of this page, from your device.  Review the videos, create your user name , download the 'Adult' sample content, and begin to customize.  

You and other family members will also have access to our web based board building tool called Workspace.  We keep 'Workspace Family' separate to keep costs low, but let you experiment for 30 days to see if you like remote programming.  

Big Help for ALS

"My husband has ALS. His is bulbar onset, meaning his speech and swallowing were his first symptoms. Although his speech…" 

MyTalk a Life Save for This ALS Patient

"…wanted to thank you for MyTalk. I have ALS and have lost my voice. I needed something…" 


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